Honeymoon Kitchens



Generously heaped with spiced apples; topped with a flaky, hand-rolled crust and a sprinkling of sugar. $18

Apple Cranberry

Our delicious apple pie with a layer of cranberries on the bottom. It's a must try! $18


Rich and smooth, with the perfect blend of spices, the season is not complete without pumpkin pie. $18

Key Lime

Classic, smooth, and creamy, our Key Lime Pie is the perfect blend of sweet and tangy in a hand-pressed graham cracker crust. We use freshly zested and squeezed limes to create the perfect flavor. $28

Lemon Meringue

Mile-high meringue, anyone? Our Lemon Meringue pie is sweet, tart, and oh-so delicious! $18

Peanut Butter Cream

A creamy, peanut buttery pie, studded with miniature peanut butter cups, and topped with whipped cream, chocolate ganache, and even more peanut butter cups! $24


Chocolate Bourbon Pecan

A layer of Callebaut chocolate on the bottom, followed by a rich, buttery filling, and a touch of Kentucky bourbon. Topped with toasted pecans. $32

Toll House Cookie

A soft, chewy, cookie-like inside that will satisfy the kid in all of us, with a drizzle of chocolate ganache on top. $28